Wednesday, 30 September 2009

1312 days to go

Screw the diet this weekend its wedding fair, london times with T my lovely bubba, looking at rings and stuff, meeting my dad for lunch and then rest of the weekend visiting other reli's for food and good times! Whooooooop! Only one day of work left.

x a bride named smith x

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Not about weddings - Our Kitchen

We bought our delicious house 2 years and 3 months ago... I love it. I love that people love it. Its a cute and kitch 180 odd year old cottage in Southampton city center. We are a mix of ecological, natural, vintage chic and uber modern gadget freaks and a little bit of punk thrown in for good measure and our house reflects this eclectic mix quite well. I also love painting so in the 3 years we have painted A LOT!

Our kitchen is not exactly my style but we can't afford to replace it anytime in the next few years so we'll just do our best to make it work. Originally we painted it white (it was a weird tan colour) and then put all our red and white accessories in. The counter is weird faux granite and the cuboards pine and the tiles grey and peach? It's ok. I think we're going to get new doors and a new counter at some point white doors and a dark brown wood counter and an enamel sink, but again due to bucks not anytime soon.

We decided a few weeks ago to move our recycling out of our kitchen it was getting a bit untidy and now we have an empty space, which we are going to wallpaper with this:

picture and wallpaper from John Lewis

then buy this so people can sit while we cook:

picture and stool from IKEA

and then put a dark brown skirting board, some hanging racks and wall mount some of our red accessories. Also I think we will re paint the one door we decided to paint with blackboard paint and we might go shopping for bits of glass and jars to finish it up! When it's done I'll post it!


x a bride named smith x

Wedding Venues - Another Bobby Dazzler

This morning I have found another gem of a venue. I have said before that T & I would very much like an outdoors-y, natural, laaaaaid back wedding in Cornwall. I know exactly what I want and I have a list of venues to look at and until today only one screamed 'YES'. Now that one is in stereo baby! Ha!


all photos from Cornish Tipi Holidays

Cornish Tipi Holidays is primarily a campsite but they hire out this gorgeous setting for Weddings.

In their own words... "Wake up to the sound of birdsong, go swimming before breakfast in the clear water of a secluded lake. Cook your bacon and eggs over an open fire while you plan your day, or just laze it away in the peace and quiet of your own personal tipi. You can always go fishing tomorrow, and walk along the cliffs the day after that…"

It looks dreamy and not budget breaking and a little less formal than our other choice. It's also seems like a bit of a blank canvas for us to paint! I will defo be visiting this one on our 'Find me a Wedding Venue UK' tour to take place in 2010/11!!


x a bride named smith x

Friday, 25 September 2009

1317 days to go!

I found my little book of songs and I am very pleased! It is a cracking list so far and by the time all our Sundays have past we'll have about 400 songs! We're also sending out song request cards with the invites so we'll have loads to go on. A really varied selection I hope.

We don't know what to do about music we are swinging between DJ (an 'alternative' one though no YMCA thank you very much ta) and an iPod playlist or a band. I love live bands and they have a great atmosphere but we're only having 35 guests tops so a band may be a bit much

Also we looked at some other venues around the country, in case we find somewhere better for us and I found an awesome lighthouse venue. Its a smaller venue and a completely different idea from our barns in cornwall but would be awesome too!! We will see eh...!

x a bride named smith x

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I've lost my dotty note book

I am a bit upset about this. My spotty notebook was my wedding music note book. T & I decided a few months ago that we wanted to make sure we got to hear all the songs we wanted so thought What Oh! Write them down!

I have an outrageous collection of notebooks. Crazy really. I literally can't stop buying them. I have hundreds. I went through my little collection and picked the perfect one bought for me by my friend and started listing. Every Sunday we sit down and we write a song each. It wasn't a long list but now the pad has gone missing!

I'll just have to buy a brand new pad then.


x a bride named smith x

Monday, 21 September 2009

I'm so blue

I am really not feeling the wedding or anything at all today. I feel a bit neglected and un-thought about. I just get like this every now and then and T gets the brunt of my mood swings. I feel so bad for him as I can kind of put him through hell! Hmmmm...


Friday, 18 September 2009

1324 days to go!

1324 days to go! It's soooo far away isn't it?

Today I mostly want to be a Florist, I can't stop day dreaming about all these beautiful flowers. I know its expensive to buy flowers from M&S etc so I don't generally buy different types. I also don't know much about different types. I want to know more! I think I will learn!

Design*Sponge has a lovely bouquet tutorial up. These are the sorts of things I want to know. How do certain flowers work together, what lasts longer and how to make them last, lots of questions, no? Plenty of time to find out!!

Pictures from Design*Sponge

x a bride named smith x

Thursday, 17 September 2009

My New Favourite Website!!

I was going to do some outfits yesterday to try and continue on this whole Wednesday thing I'm trying to do but instead I stumbled upon this website. I laughed til I cried and then almost threw up. It is amazing. A website dedicated to cakes gone wrong! Genius! This wedding cake is the best (or worst) of the Wedding Cakes: (Image from Cake Wrecks)

x a bride named smith x

1325 days to go!

I am lucky that I work in a printers in the respect my invites and stationery will be MEGA CHEAP! But somethings annoy me, like how other printers rip people off like woah for anything Wedding. I also see some awful invites that people are having re-done that come back with mistakes and just look terrible! Why does it seem that people are so eager to rip off brides? I'm working with this wedding the way I work with Christmas and Birthdays. I will not buy anything unless I absolutely cannot make it myself! Should boycott a few money making b*stards. Hahahaha!

x a bride named smith x

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

i heart tatty devine

I have always loved Tatty Devine. Their line of jewellery is right up my street. Quirky and well designed it is always on my birthday/christmas/whenever list. Their new season has just been launched and I love it! My Fave is this:

Their new collection features Pearly King's and Queen's which I always saw at events and fairs when I was young it being a cockney thing and all. This large Pearly Queen Button is a steal at £27.00!

This next one is my favourite of all time that I don't yet own and I fully intend to wear this on my Wedding day. I think it will offset my sweetheart neckline fabulously! Horse and Carriage Necklace a bargain-ous £54.00!

x a bride named smith x

1328 days to go

Had a busy time this weekend just gone past. My best friend was down this way and we hung out and in the evening watched Home Alone. I spent Sunday with T and we thought about our house and all the decoration we need to do so tonight has a trip to Ikea on the cards. I have one of their new catalogues in my bag, WANT THINGS. NEED THINGS!

Looking forward to the wedding fair in a few weeks - today I feel a bit bummed out though, not feeling wedding crazy atm and worry it's lost the excitement as it is so far away? I have chatted to some people about moving the big day forward a year but I want to get it right and not scrimp and save, big budget or not we want it our way!

Anyways, I'm just feeling blue...

x a bride named smith x

Friday, 11 September 2009

Wedding thought for the day - 1332 days to go

Not thinking too much today! Too busy at work! Am about to peruse some wedblogs though to get me back in the mood!

x a bride named smith x

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Wedding thought of the day - 1333 days to go

Mini-moon or Honeymoon? That is the question! In the week of worrying about money me and T had a chat about cuting more costs. There are a few places we don't want to scrimp on (venue, rings) and a few we think it will be fun to cut back on and DIY (cake, decor, invites) but the we were always keen on the idea of a bug honeymoon. But what if we had a mini moon to Rome or Barcelona or somewhere similar and then the following year did the big ole shindig to give us a bit more room on the budget aspect? I like this idea but I also like the idea of doing a massive blow out all at once! Also we intend to move to Sydney 2 years into our marriage but waiting a year for the honeymoon would set us back in the savings aspect... What to do eh?

x a bride named smith x

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

What are you wearing Wednesdays

After watching last weeks Four Weddings (if you haven't seen it you must! ) I began to think about wearing white as a guest at a wedding. One of the brides wore a white lace dress and look very much the bride except it wasn't her wedding. But I am not sure I care about that very much -I mean if we were to stick to traditions not many of us could wear a white dress on our own big days, as virginal as we would like to think very little is pure in the modern age! I think if the styling is right guests can wear white! I snooped about on the internet and found some ideas and a few other colours for good measure. I am LOVING French Connection at the moment (their denim wear has such great prints at the moment) so all of this weeks dresses are from here! Enjoy!

Wedding thought of the day - 1334 days to go

We were talking the other day about our wedding budget and it's going CRAZY... I mean simple things like the rings are averaged as about £400 each and ours total 10 times that (I didn't get a proper engagement ring and was promised one for my wedding ring so I have seen a beautiful cartier ring I want - picture below)


So where do we cut back? We think we'd rather have an ace venue and a good party than all that other jazz. So handmade cakes, wholesale flowers, diy invites and decor! I can't wait. I love scrapbooking ideas to copy and I think all the planning and work that we will put in will make our wedding intimate and lovely!

x a bride named smith x

(ps much of this may be a repeat of yesterdays gubbins but I am having the money blues this week! Dress montage later, monochrome this week me thinks!)

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Wedding thought of the day - 1335 days to go

MONEY!! Weddings are insane-o expensive and ours is so far in the distance because of debts we got into (buying a home and having a few holidays - on reflection we could have done without the holidays!) but we are coping! Why can't we just win the lottery and be done with it eh?

x abridenamedsmith x

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Wedding thought of the day - 1336 days to go

We have just come back from a gorgeous holiday in Northumberland. Later (maybe not today!) I will upload my piccies and put a few on here to show you how utterly gorgeous the place was - and full of inspiration for my wedding. Flowers, colours, scenery. It was gorgeous. We had such a lovely time - snuggling up, going for long walks on the sea front and driving through twisty tiny roads. It was bliss. Now to get back into normal life!

x a bride named smith x