Friday, 25 September 2009

1317 days to go!

I found my little book of songs and I am very pleased! It is a cracking list so far and by the time all our Sundays have past we'll have about 400 songs! We're also sending out song request cards with the invites so we'll have loads to go on. A really varied selection I hope.

We don't know what to do about music we are swinging between DJ (an 'alternative' one though no YMCA thank you very much ta) and an iPod playlist or a band. I love live bands and they have a great atmosphere but we're only having 35 guests tops so a band may be a bit much

Also we looked at some other venues around the country, in case we find somewhere better for us and I found an awesome lighthouse venue. Its a smaller venue and a completely different idea from our barns in cornwall but would be awesome too!! We will see eh...!

x a bride named smith x

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