Wednesday, 16 December 2009

new york - new york!

God I knew I was indecisive but this takes the fucking biscuit. I guess the deal with not having to make any plans in any great hurry means we have too much time to think and re think and change and re change the ideas, so cornwall is gone, adios kent, see ya laters uk, how about new york?

Found a place the Gramercy Park Hotel, NY - where I would love to get married - bet its mega bucks but look how awesome it is!

x a bride named smith x

Friday, 11 December 2009

oh and also...

I read regretsy and cake wrecks almost every day because they are fucking hilarious, if you haven't seen them yet you should. When I stumbled upon cake wrecks a month or so ago I sat all evening going through every post and I literally was in tears for the whole evening. At one point I was laughing so much I fell of the sofa. I am not shitting you. I had a bruise on my leg that looked a bit like Italy.


x a bride named smith x

I have a reader! And a Barbie...!

I have had news that someone reads my blog! I was about to give the whole bloody thing up because I don't seem to have the time but it gets read to fuck it - I'm keeping going. (just noticed I had a comment also from the fabulous brilliant  East Side Bride - it was from months ago but was nice to know I have had visitors!

Re: the wedding... We have so so so far to go before we even have to think about venues and whatever but I can't help it - I get wound up about things and I need to think this far in advance and get worked up about it or else my mind would literally melt... (or so I am led to believe) but Lighthouse in Kent? Windmill in Norfolk? Barn in Cornwall? Or a foreign land? Which one will win!

Also - check out what T let me buy on Friday - it was waaaay too much money but we decided in Northumberland to collect toys and books so it was a sensible purchase really!

Available from here

x a bride named smith x