Friday, 11 December 2009

I have a reader! And a Barbie...!

I have had news that someone reads my blog! I was about to give the whole bloody thing up because I don't seem to have the time but it gets read to fuck it - I'm keeping going. (just noticed I had a comment also from the fabulous brilliant  East Side Bride - it was from months ago but was nice to know I have had visitors!

Re: the wedding... We have so so so far to go before we even have to think about venues and whatever but I can't help it - I get wound up about things and I need to think this far in advance and get worked up about it or else my mind would literally melt... (or so I am led to believe) but Lighthouse in Kent? Windmill in Norfolk? Barn in Cornwall? Or a foreign land? Which one will win!

Also - check out what T let me buy on Friday - it was waaaay too much money but we decided in Northumberland to collect toys and books so it was a sensible purchase really!

Available from here

x a bride named smith x

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