Thursday, 20 May 2010

T's gonna let me wear navy blue!

Yippee! I contemplated  different colours and dresses and shapes but I was always drawn to the SarahSeven (on Midnight Stroll. Its still a bloody long time til my wedding (while people who got engaged after me are storming away with their plans...)and I will change my mind millions of time but for now its settled. In the mean time no movement on the plans, and seen as I have loads on my mind re: giving up my job to go freelance I think I will not be thinking on it for a while. So I will be dipping in and out of here but keep the plans as they are for now.

x a bride named smith x

Saturday, 1 May 2010

whats been going on....erm...?

I was sitting at the computer for about 10 minutes staring at the screen and thinking - what the fuck have i been doing lately... well i guess i have mostly been preparing for my upcoming unemployment and starting my own little business... the business of freelancing and doing fun things with paper... it all seems like so much fun right now but i can't see how much i can actually make from it - i mean a girl gots to eat right? I think i could do with loosing a few lbs but not starvation...mmmm... got the royal hump this morning.... more wedding stuff when i can be arsed...

x a bride named smith x

ps its a year since we got engaged on tuesday and i don't feel like i'm any closer to this stupid fucking wedding and its annoying  - i just want to marry T & get one with the rest of our lives, if he wasn't insisting on us having a small but proper wedding we would have been hitched by now... I know gretna green ent as glamorous as vegas but whatev's...