Sunday, 18 April 2010


in shaving our budget i have been searching elsewhere for my wedding dress inspiration, etsy for one and some normal dresses i also like... like this stunner from Nicole Fahri:

And these beauts from etsy:

Now which to choose!?

x a bride named smith x

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Oh also...

Anyone been to/heard of/like the sound of Elizabeth NY?

It looks like a lovely reception site, I love the back room and the menu looks great - real good food!

I haven't spoken to them yet but I think I'll email them this week! Found it on a foody website - I think thats a good place to start!

x a bride named smith x

things on net-a-porter

i thought after my last post that i might have a little look to see if there were anymore delights in the world of internet this evening...and there were! Whoop!

On another note which I forgot to mention earlier - I am growing some lovely flowers in my front garden and they are about to flower when I do I'll post em up! Peonies and Ranunculus...! YUM!

x a bride named smith x

hey-yo... its been a while

I quit my job! Yippee! I am doing things all by my self and I am excited at the prospect... I'll keep you posted...

In the mean time we are cutting back on our New York wedding because I think it was getting away from us - we always wanted simple and suddenly it got way too much, we want a super sonic quick reception and then some really good food and a few cocktails, why have all the rest of the fuss eh?

But one thing I don't really want to compromise on is my shoes!

First are from Tatty Devine - absolute stunners and only £120 bucks? Think they'd look lush with a beige cocktail dress...

Image via Tatty Devine

Second are from the powerhouse Chanel... these are amazing. I want them so bad I might sell a kidney.

Image via Chanel

 I'll try to do this a bit more often, if nothing else its mega theraputic!

x a bride named smith x