Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Wedding Venues - Another Bobby Dazzler

This morning I have found another gem of a venue. I have said before that T & I would very much like an outdoors-y, natural, laaaaaid back wedding in Cornwall. I know exactly what I want and I have a list of venues to look at and until today only one screamed 'YES'. Now that one is in stereo baby! Ha!


all photos from Cornish Tipi Holidays

Cornish Tipi Holidays is primarily a campsite but they hire out this gorgeous setting for Weddings.

In their own words... "Wake up to the sound of birdsong, go swimming before breakfast in the clear water of a secluded lake. Cook your bacon and eggs over an open fire while you plan your day, or just laze it away in the peace and quiet of your own personal tipi. You can always go fishing tomorrow, and walk along the cliffs the day after that…"

It looks dreamy and not budget breaking and a little less formal than our other choice. It's also seems like a bit of a blank canvas for us to paint! I will defo be visiting this one on our 'Find me a Wedding Venue UK' tour to take place in 2010/11!!


x a bride named smith x

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