Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Not about weddings - Our Kitchen

We bought our delicious house 2 years and 3 months ago... I love it. I love that people love it. Its a cute and kitch 180 odd year old cottage in Southampton city center. We are a mix of ecological, natural, vintage chic and uber modern gadget freaks and a little bit of punk thrown in for good measure and our house reflects this eclectic mix quite well. I also love painting so in the 3 years we have painted A LOT!

Our kitchen is not exactly my style but we can't afford to replace it anytime in the next few years so we'll just do our best to make it work. Originally we painted it white (it was a weird tan colour) and then put all our red and white accessories in. The counter is weird faux granite and the cuboards pine and the tiles grey and peach? It's ok. I think we're going to get new doors and a new counter at some point white doors and a dark brown wood counter and an enamel sink, but again due to bucks not anytime soon.

We decided a few weeks ago to move our recycling out of our kitchen it was getting a bit untidy and now we have an empty space, which we are going to wallpaper with this:

picture and wallpaper from John Lewis

then buy this so people can sit while we cook:

picture and stool from IKEA

and then put a dark brown skirting board, some hanging racks and wall mount some of our red accessories. Also I think we will re paint the one door we decided to paint with blackboard paint and we might go shopping for bits of glass and jars to finish it up! When it's done I'll post it!


x a bride named smith x

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