Wednesday, 9 September 2009

What are you wearing Wednesdays

After watching last weeks Four Weddings (if you haven't seen it you must! ) I began to think about wearing white as a guest at a wedding. One of the brides wore a white lace dress and look very much the bride except it wasn't her wedding. But I am not sure I care about that very much -I mean if we were to stick to traditions not many of us could wear a white dress on our own big days, as virginal as we would like to think very little is pure in the modern age! I think if the styling is right guests can wear white! I snooped about on the internet and found some ideas and a few other colours for good measure. I am LOVING French Connection at the moment (their denim wear has such great prints at the moment) so all of this weeks dresses are from here! Enjoy!

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