Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Wedding thought of the day - 1334 days to go

We were talking the other day about our wedding budget and it's going CRAZY... I mean simple things like the rings are averaged as about £400 each and ours total 10 times that (I didn't get a proper engagement ring and was promised one for my wedding ring so I have seen a beautiful cartier ring I want - picture below)


So where do we cut back? We think we'd rather have an ace venue and a good party than all that other jazz. So handmade cakes, wholesale flowers, diy invites and decor! I can't wait. I love scrapbooking ideas to copy and I think all the planning and work that we will put in will make our wedding intimate and lovely!

x a bride named smith x

(ps much of this may be a repeat of yesterdays gubbins but I am having the money blues this week! Dress montage later, monochrome this week me thinks!)

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