Thursday, 10 September 2009

Wedding thought of the day - 1333 days to go

Mini-moon or Honeymoon? That is the question! In the week of worrying about money me and T had a chat about cuting more costs. There are a few places we don't want to scrimp on (venue, rings) and a few we think it will be fun to cut back on and DIY (cake, decor, invites) but the we were always keen on the idea of a bug honeymoon. But what if we had a mini moon to Rome or Barcelona or somewhere similar and then the following year did the big ole shindig to give us a bit more room on the budget aspect? I like this idea but I also like the idea of doing a massive blow out all at once! Also we intend to move to Sydney 2 years into our marriage but waiting a year for the honeymoon would set us back in the savings aspect... What to do eh?

x a bride named smith x

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