Tuesday, 15 September 2009

1328 days to go

Had a busy time this weekend just gone past. My best friend was down this way and we hung out and in the evening watched Home Alone. I spent Sunday with T and we thought about our house and all the decoration we need to do so tonight has a trip to Ikea on the cards. I have one of their new catalogues in my bag, WANT THINGS. NEED THINGS!

Looking forward to the wedding fair in a few weeks - today I feel a bit bummed out though, not feeling wedding crazy atm and worry it's lost the excitement as it is so far away? I have chatted to some people about moving the big day forward a year but I want to get it right and not scrimp and save, big budget or not we want it our way!

Anyways, I'm just feeling blue...

x a bride named smith x

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