Tuesday, 15 September 2009

i heart tatty devine

I have always loved Tatty Devine. Their line of jewellery is right up my street. Quirky and well designed it is always on my birthday/christmas/whenever list. Their new season has just been launched and I love it! My Fave is this:

Their new collection features Pearly King's and Queen's which I always saw at events and fairs when I was young it being a cockney thing and all. This large Pearly Queen Button is a steal at £27.00!

This next one is my favourite of all time that I don't yet own and I fully intend to wear this on my Wedding day. I think it will offset my sweetheart neckline fabulously! Horse and Carriage Necklace a bargain-ous £54.00!

x a bride named smith x

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