Friday, 29 January 2010

where the hell have I been?

No where. I just can't be bothered with the blog atm. Its not as rewarding and forfilling as I had hoped... plus its not even like I ever really thought it would get read, but writing to yourself is a bit lonely. Its not like I could ever finish anything anyways. Self loathing aside:

Wedding is now in New York. End of. I am not changing my mind again. I always wanted a 'destination' wedding (in quotes cause I hate that fucking word) so we're doing it. And we thought lets go somewhere we really want to go - et voila New York. I have decided on the 'theme' (see 'destination') and with a little help from the new girl at my work I am a bit excited about it. I won't go into details. Its a suprise.

Also doing a side project. Pretty sure that anyone who becomes a bride decides they can be an event planner but fuck it. Its my life I can do what I want. So event design, paper based. Taking off sometime soon.

hey zeus i am in a bad mood today. grrr.

x a bride named smith x

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