Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Wedding Show

T & I went to the Wedding Show in Friday and it was an experience...! We walked in to the same hall that the dog show had been in recently and I was disappointed that I wasn't there again. There was a HUGE barbie pink bus and some white rolls royces's and people everywhere selling their tacky overpriced extras that no bride needs! Ok that was overly negative I think, and I can see how people get caught up in this idea but I just can't imagine why anyone would need fireworks at their wedding? Or flip flops that say 'just married'? Again, I understand others wanting this stuff but doesn't it seem that we are buying into a fools idea of romance and a Hollywood perception of how a wedding should be?

Persoanlly I think it is a little bit of a waste, we are not scrimping on our wedding in any way but the focus is on things like the rings and the photography which will be with us always, the decoration will be mainly DIY and as much as I want it to look pretty I don't want a 12 course meal and matching table centres and monogrammed save the date cards and trash the dress shoots and engagement shoots and pre pre pre engagement shoots. When does it stop? People squeeze as much cash out of us as they can don't they?

Not to mention the 'Green' issue, we waste more than any other species on the planet and brides and grooms MUST be some of the worst offenders with not using the resources to hand...

Rant over. Hope I haven't offended anyone.

x a bride named smith x

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