Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Its gold and has a use. I'm sold.

You know when you order some tasty goodies online and you get their newsletter/catalogue? Well I love this. Not eco friendly I know but its like shopping - at home - without spending. That's ME friendly for sure! So this week we got the catalogue, full of geeky gadgets and crazy bits and bobs its always worth a look...found some ace stocking fillers for T (even though he would genuinely rather a stocking full of Haribo's).

I found this and wanted to share... its a iPod dj. Shaped like a cassette. A GOLD CASETTE! Whoop! We're thinking that we might get a wee band and no dj - or neither one, but we would use our iPod's or our guests and this could make it fun! I could totally rival grand master flash with this. I met him once, with 3 sisters who awesomely made friends with his 'crew' and got us on the bus! Good times.

x a bride named smith x

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