Saturday, 17 October 2009

all change! toot toot...!

So its all change on the soon-to-be-smith front! We have cut the budget and moved it forward so its now going to be October 2012, its going to be cheaper but still with all the bits we want with just less of the bits we don't need...we are moving the moving to Australia bit forward to by 2 years so it'll be adios in September 2013... Can't wait. CAN'T WAIT.

In other news I am getting all xmassy and crafting all my hand made xmas gifts and enjoying it!

x a bride named smith x


  1. Wait, what? You're getting married in 3 years??

  2. yeah 3 years... i am completely fucked up when it comes to planning, i plan christmas from about march each year...can't help it!