Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Wedding thought of the day - 1348 days to go

After yesterday's post on Honeymoons and that fabulous place in Colorado we have been-a-thinking. We always intended to go to Australia & the Cook Islands or perhaps Peru for our Honeymoon but now we're thinking a mini tour of the USA. Near (ish) to this ranch is Niagra Falls, San Fransisco, Las Vegas & Los Angeles. Not that we'll do all that in 2 weeks but who knows!

We also watched 4 Weddings on Living last night and saw another 4 ways we don't want our wedding to be like. Don't get me wrong they were all very nice and happy affairs but I'm not interested in chair covers and bow's and MASSIVE table centre pieces and least of all favours. I know that people like to give their guests a gift but I don't see the point. We aren't asking for any gifts. At all. We just want people to show up - in return we'll feed them and house them for 2 nights and show them a good time. That's better than sugared almonds, right?

I will reveal our chosen venue tomorrow - if anyone is interested? Whoop whoop! I'm excited.

x a bride named smith x

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